Every Life Inspired. That’s what it’s all about, right? We believe that every family should have the First Day Photo experience because their new little one’s life is special, unique and beautiful. 

In 2002, First Day Photo founders Brad and Jessica Person learned that their unborn son would not live long after birth, if he did indeed live through pregnancy. The hundreds of photographs that documented his brief life were a treasure not only to them and their family, but to those who cared for them during pregnancy and birth. (Watch the TODAY video on this page for more of Eli's story.)

Not many months later, the hospital where their Eli was born asked them to serve their birth center with photography programs for families of their healthy newborns, replacing the service that was used in most hospitals across the USA at that time. With that simple but profound innovation in the patient care experience, First Day Photo was born. 

We’ve raised the bar for what parents expect from in-hospital photography, and we understand why it matters. 

Whether you are a hospital, an expecting mom or dad, an excited friend or family member, or a professional photographer, we invite you in to the First Day Photo experience. There’s something for all of us here.