Q: When and where will my session take place?
A: Your session will be performed usually the first day following birth in the comfort and convenience of your hospital room. Be sure to book early, as sessions on day of discharge are typically not possible.

Q: How long does the session take?
A: Sessions usually last 15-20 minutes.  Your photographer will then exit the room, edit your session, and return to your room to present a slideshow of your session photographs to you.

Q: What are your fees?
A: The session is free, and your photographer will show you a slideshow of your photos shortly after your session.  If you like the photographs we create for you and wish to own them, you may purchase professional prints and/or high resolution digital files for immediate download and self-printing/sharing.  We have packages to fit every budget, beginning at $39.

Q: What should I bring?
A:  A fuzzy or textured blanket makes a great background. Reds and fuscia tend to make baby’s skin look a bit redder than it normally would look, so think about that while selecting that favorite outfit. 

Q:  What if I’m already at the hospital and I didn’t plan for photos or I left my hospital bag at home? 
A:  Then, join the club! Remember this is now. It’s really all about the baby (and family) anyway. A fresh white sheet and a diaper are just as perfect.

Q: Can other family members be included in the shoot?
A: Yes!  We encourage both parents and siblings to participate.

Q: What if my baby is in the NICU?
A: We will gladly accommodate NICU sessions whenever possible.  Contact us to book your session, or ask your nurse to help with scheduling.

Q: How do I schedule my session?
A: Please call/email us shortly after your birth to schedule your shoot.